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Serving & Trusting Jesus by Abiding, Ministering, Embracing & sharing.  Vision: 

St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church is a congregation of believers in Jesus Christ - a people set apart by God for His purposes!

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Food Pantry 08/16/2022

Masks are optional

Community Food Pantry is held in the fellowship hall.

Please park on the side with the ramp.

If you are coming in for assistance,
masks are optional.

Mid Week Reflection

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Weekly Reading

"For by grace y'all have been saved by grace, and this is not y'all's doing; it is the gift of God - not the result of works so that no one many boast. Because we are what God has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared to be our way of life." (Ephesians 2:8-10)

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In the Heart of the Storm


Life can feel like a series of storms; one right after another. We have a cold. The car breaks down. A bill comes up unexpectedly. A loved one goes through a tough situation. The list could go one on and on. I think honestly, we all hit points where we start naming the storms in our lives, “The strep throat of 2014… the job loss of 2008… Uncle Toad’s death a few years ago… The Covid-19 pandemic,” and many more. Growing up in Florida, I remember the long standing tradition of naming the hurricanes every year. We all go through these storms. And so does everyone. There’s a story early on in the gospel according to Mark of the apostles traveling over the Sea of Galilee. And a literal storm comes upon them in the middle of the night! With their small boat tossing about in the waves, they do what many (really I think all) of us would do: they freak out! They panic! They know things are in chaos. How do you react in times of a storm?  In time, whatever length it was, the disciples remembered a critical piece of information: Jesus, “was in the stern, asleep on a cushion.” (8:38a) They had forgotten that the maker of the universe was with them all along in the storm. It’s easy for all us to forget who’s with us in the midst of our own storms. In our shared fellowship, we are the body of Christ, the presence of God for one another in the storms. For the disciples, Jesus awakes and calms the seas! For us, in the midst of our storms, we provide a few things of note. First is the reminder that we are not alone! Yes, no matter what storms come into our lives, we are not alone! I say this is first, because it ought to be first. What a comfort it is for all of us when weathering our storms that it’s not just us experiencing the chaos and disorientation. Second, in our shared fellowship we provide the love, grace, and embrace of the God we share. Sometimes that’s with just sitting with someone in their storm. Sometimes, it’s through prayers. Sometimes, at least in my family of origin, it would be through food. And third, we embody the promise of life beyond the storm. Since we are not Jesus and cannot always end the storms of others with mere words. But what we can do is remind one another that the storm will come its end. In the resurrection, Jesus destroyed sin, death, and their effects for being everlasting. As we weather storms together, we cannot even tell another when a storm will end. Yet, we lovingly remind each other that the storm is not the end. When we weather storms together, we grow closer together. This scene comes about a quarter of the way through Mark’s story. It was after the calming of the storm that the disciples began to truly wonder, “Who is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” This experience strengthened their relationship with Jesus. And as we weather storms with others, we become strengthened in our fellowship in God! Amen.